Wednesday, December 24, 2014

4 Gifts of Christmas for Kids {and Adults}

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I have been seeing this idea over the past year about getting kids four gifts.  One of each that they:

How perfect is that?!  I think this a great way to keep things even, have a fun tradition, and makes it easier to remind people and teach kids what the season is really about.  There is so much stress over getting the perfect toy, making sure all the kids' gifts are somewhat equal, waiting in lines, and of course - spending tons of money.  That's no fun for anyone. 

But what if you had the perfect map on how to gift each child (and adult) properly?  Give them one thing they really want (special doll, bicycle, toys), one thing that they need - I am ALL ABOUT practicality, one thing to wear (new jeans, sweater, ice skates), and one thing to read.  I think books are a fantastic holiday gift.  They last a long time, provide quality quiet time (or reading together time), and generally are not too horribly expensive. 

I remember being younger and having tons and tons of presents to open on Christmas morning.  I even got my parents to let me open one on Christmas Eve was a fishing pole.  Woo-ee!  As I got older, the amount of presents decreased, which I remember being sort of bummed out about. 

Now that I am an adult, my mom gets super annoyed when I ask for practical things.  I'm usually asking for kitchen things, and last year I got a vacuum from my parents and a steam mop from my husband.  BORING!  But, hey, I use them so why not?  I think I would absolutely love this method of gifting.  I could always find something in each category that I might need. 

This year, I had a total blackout and could not think of what I wanted/needed or of what to buy anyone else.  I got really stressed out.  It's not supposed to be stressful, people!  This is supposed to be about spending time with your family and friends, telling stories, enjoying each other's company.  Not being worried about if they will like *whatever* gift you got them. 

And I am over it.  Next year, I convinced my family to draw names for gifts.  I am planning to use Elfster, a website that makes it nice and easy for everyone involved.  I am hoping to keep a list going over the year of things I'm interested in, so come time to share my list, I'll have some ideas. 

We are spending the holidays by ourselves in Austin (just like Thanksgiving), which I am okay with.  We sent and received packages, and I guess I'm saving the world by not using any wrapping paper this year.  Box cutters, here we come! 

Tonight will be filled with gourmet cheeses and baguette, along with Christmas movies.  Tomorrow, we will make breakfast, open presents in our pajamas, and enjoy more holiday television or movies. 

Merry Holidays to everyone reading out there.  Remember to take pictures, enjoy the memories, and be grateful for being here! 

Sending sunshine from Texas - The Olsons!

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